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What is Blue Light

Blue light comes from two main sources one is natural, and the other is artificial. Natural blue light lifts mood and regulates circadian rhythm, but artificial blue light is the one that badly affects your eyes as it has high-energy with the shortest wavelengths. Digital screens like smartphones, computers, LCDs, and laptops are the major source of producing blue light. Exposure to blue light can create problems like eyestrain, blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches. It becomes more alarming when you are using a mobile or doing work on a computer at night. Exposure to blue light at night upsets our sleep cycle, disrupting sleep, and ultimately health will be compromised.

Blue light is not completely bad; light with blue wavelengths is beneficial during daylight hours as it boosts attention, mood, and reaction times. These lights are harmful at night, and when you are using your gadgets or other electronic screens. It becomes hinder in sleep when your eyes are exposed at night time. Blue light suppresses melatonin levels, and it turns into a harmful light for your eyes.

Avoid looking at bright screens three hours before you go to bed. If you need to work during night time, then it is recommended to use blue-blocking glasses to avoid blue light adverse effects. You can use these glasses all time when you have to expose your eyes to a screen.



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