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Are your glasses UV protected?

Yes, all of our glasses protect your eyes from UV rays; they block all light rays and blue light rays.

Do you offer prescription glasses?

Currently we don’t do prescription glasses, but we are working hard to make it possible as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Do your glasses fit all?

Yes, all our glasses are designed to fit 99% of head sizes. 

Who are these glasses for?

Our glasses protect your eyes from blue light bad effects; they are best for those who spend most of their time while using screens. We also have simple glasses, and we deliver according to the prescription. 

What is blue light?

Blue light is the energy that digital screens like mobiles, laptops, computers, LCDs, are producing. They are dangerous for your eyes, especially for kids and adults, as they use these screens most. 

Do blue light glasses work?

Yes, blue light glasses work, they help avoid the direct effect of blue light on your eyes. 

How can I protect my eyes from a computer screen?

When working on screens, you must use blue light glasses, often blink to refresh your eyes, take a break of 20 seconds, and look at distance. Adjust your screen light settings that feel you comfortable. And use our glasses! :D